Is EU competition policy a liberal policy?

6% (2 votes)
It depends on what we understand as liberalism.
72% (23 votes)
It depends on the particular policy area we analyse.
19% (6 votes)
3% (1 vote)
Total votes: 32
Question objectives: 
Understanding the rationale for EU competition policy and its link to the common market.
Understanding the different areas in which EU competition policy operates, such as abuse of dominant position, anticompetitive agreements, mergers, state aid and national monopolies.
Providing examples of and critically analysing particular cases of EU competition policy decisions.
Understanding the conflict between competition and economies of scale, and between competition policy and industrial policy.
Understanding the different forms of liberalism, such as classic liberalism, ordoliberalism or neoliberalism.
Understanding the differences between the Harvard school and the Chicago school approaches to competition policy.
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