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HESTIM is a private higher education institution located in Casablanca, Morocco, that specializes in engineering and management science and technology with a clear vocational focus. Founded in 2016, HESTIM stands for hautes études des sciences et techniques de l'ingénierie et du managament, and was originally created to meet Morocco's needs in the field of industrial management, with degree studies in organization and management of production, quality-hygiene-safety-environment, industrial risks and maintenance, and logistics engineering. Civil engineering was added in 2008. In 2016, the original engineering school became HESTIM Ingénierie and a new school was created under the name of HESTIM Management to meet the growing demand for graduates in economic fields. Both schools form what is known today as the HESTIM group.

Teaching is carried out entirely in French by Moroccan and French teachers, and students come from Morocco and all over Africa. The school has signed fifty partnership agreements, many of them with French engineering and management schools, with the intention of facilitating student and faculty exchanges and providing accreditation for their master's degrees. HESTIM aims at training engineers and managers with a solid background that combines technical competence with a real managerial sense, allowing them to go deep into their subjects while being able to adapt to business needs. In 2019, 3225 students had graduated from this school.

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